SERGI VICH / I design for myself and for an utopian future. I never approve preset ideas. I see in objects the cultural marks from their environments and behaviors. I understand the impact of the objects in our lives, while drinking from the past to create new futures. Simplicity, elegance, functionality, and aesthetics are my goals, and they are always accompanied by humanity. I see design as an applicable tool to any type of project, discipline or situation, and I enjoy mixing it with art, science, communication and food among others.

I love shapes, sincere materials, and I get inspiration from nature and culture. I use global tools to enhance local and particular elements from the context of the project. I am passionate about details and fixated on simple and practical solutions that arise from real needs. I love conceptualizing and mixing, apparently, unconnected elements to transform non-material values into tangible concepts. Shall we do a project?