DIY chair from Ho Chi Minh City market #VietnamInObjects/

Vietnam in Objects

ENG// Vietnam in Objects is a collection about the products I've found all around Vietnam. Objects distinguished by their wit and the variety of resources it took to create such an object with a unique identity. Apparently, ordinary objects become extraordinary by adding a little creativity.

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CAT// Vietnam in Objects és una col·lecció dels productes amb els que m'he anat trobant per tot Vietnam. Uns objectes que destaquen pel seu enginy i la varietat de recursos alhora de crear uns objectes amb identitat pròpia. Objectes aparentment ordinaris que esdevenen extraordinaris afegint-hi una mica de creativitat.

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DIY water goggles from a vietnamese island used to fish. #VietnamInObjects /
Handmade tiles with hand prints on the wall. #VietnamInObjects /
DIY liquid container of a glass bottle in a gas station. #VietnamInObjects /
Low chair made of wood. #VietnamInObjects /
Irrigation system made of bamboo. #VietnamInObjects /
DIY harpoon made of plastic, metal, tape and wood. #VietnamInObjects /
Car with asiatic patterns. #VietnamInObjects /
Basket boat in a beach crafted by vietnamese fishers. #VietnamInObjects /
Vietnamese handicrafts from the market. #VietnamInObjects /
Plastic box street dish dryer. #VietnamInObjects /

Photography, 2012